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Yoga 4 Carers


(Special People Are Capable Everywhere) 



Perfect for carers, parents, support workers, teachers and everyone involved in looking after and supporting others.


Being a carer can make you feel tired and worn out. Yoga will teach you how to relax and de-stress to give you more energy and a more positive outlook.


We are all carers in some form; professional and non-professional, so whether you are a parent, teacher or carer of those with special needs, this workshop will be beneficial for you. Caring can be very challenging, and it is easy to get caught up in the demands of our daily life. This introductory workshop weaves together the practices of yoga, relaxation, mindfulness and meditation to promote mental and physical wellbeing.


We will:


  • Discuss personal experiences of how the practice of yoga supports carers

  • Practice basic yoga flows and postures to help with the release of anxiety and stress.

  • Practice basic breathing techniques to help assist the mind and body in times of tension.

  • Explore mindfulness to enable people to focus on the present moment and positive thinking.

  • Relaxation to let go and free the mind.



Janette Brazil is a qualified Sivananda Yoga Instructor, teaching for 14 years, and practicing for 20 years. She teaches her own style of Yoga - Jagadamba yoga – that is a safe foundation from which you can then investigate the different styles of yoga that you can achieve which is suitable to your own special need.


She has 4 children. Her eldest, Billie, is now 33 years old. She has cerebral palsy and is a wheelchair user and has had epilepsy for most of her childhood. Janette believes that Billie's disability has enabled her to develop her yoga practice so that it is effective in helping less able people.


Janette has maintained her sense of humour and love of life knowing that everyday brings her happiness to share with everyone. Her philosophy has always been to promote the best quality of life.


Janette teaches 2 yoga sessions at Jewish Care - Adults with the onset of Dementia and Adults with severe Mental Health. She also teaches at Resources for Autism, Ellern Mede for Anorexia, Mapledown School (11-19) for Severe and profound learning disabilities and many other organisations.


Her Yoga journey has been featured in the Inspirational Women section, August issue of Good Housekeeping available in July.

Jagadamba Yoga

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