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"Mapledown School is Barnets secondary school for students with severe learning difficulties.  For the last three years we have enjoyed the remarkable benefits of Yoga for some of our students.  It started off with a mixed age group of some of our more able students and the results were astonishing.  


Students who hitherto had found it very difficult to do things outside their usual range of movements and experience were, over a period of time finding radically new ways of expressing themselves and achieving.  I think the first time the groups showed the whole school what they could do, there were some genuinely dropped jaws from very experienced members of staff.  During this first year, we began to realise the powerful impact of Yoga and through some strenuous fund-raising (half marathon), were able to provide yoga for students on the autistic spectrum.  Now things leaped to a new dimension as we saw some of our most challenging students find a new way of being.  A relaxation session has long been a part of our routines for ASC (Autistic Spectrum Continum) students, but the yoga took that to the next level.  The students were learning routines which were new to them (very important for ASC students) following techniques, experiencing a very calm and relaxed extended period of time (previously unheard of), and above all enjoying different the different poses and spending time with the yoga teacher.  The overall picture emerging was one of students developing skills and confidence to deal with new situations."


David Aarons

Deputy Head

Mapledown School

Claremont Rd

London NW2 1TR

020 84554111

Direct line 020 84578732



"In September 2006, at the age of 45 my world was turned upside down with the news that I had throat cancer. For the next 6 months I endured surgery radiotherapy and Chemotherapy that left me 42lbs lighter and so weak I could hardly walk up stairs. 


Prior to my illness I was an active sports man playing football, tennis and badminton regularly. After my treatment finished I wasn't strong enough to do any sports. Stairs were a struggle, and I could no longer walk any kind of distance without rest. 


My friend Janette Brazil had just returned from India after studying Yoga with a master and was keen to help me regain my strength and fitness. Initially I was very skeptical and did not wish to embark on a Yoga course -  but Janette convinced me and week after week she endured my slow progress and eventually turned me around until after 12 weeks or so of weekly sessions I was as fit and more supple than I had ever been. Yoga was a revelation to me and I would not hesitate to recommend it and in particular Janette's particular brand of patient approach to anyone. 


Thank you Janette I will never forget......"


Steven Lewis

07768 698968



My daughter Lily (on the home page with Billie) was born in 2005 with fibular hemimelia, a condition that makes one of her legs and feet much smaller and with limited movement.


Janette started doing yoga with her when she was three and I believe Lily has benefited from it greatly. Apart from the  the stretching and the movements that she needs to bring her body back into balance, Janette's yoga has given Lily something much more important.


I believe through yoga, it's been easier for Lily to accept the differences in her body, because Janette never made an issue of it. She never makes her feel there are poses she can't achieve, she just works with her limitations until she can get there, and that is one of the most important things anyone can teach a child - to try until you get there.


Janette has a special gift that I know she offers up to every person with special needs she works with, she does not see the external problems like most of society does, she sees the inner beauty of these people, that beauty that can and deserves to be reached. She really believes that Special People are just as Capable as anyone else, and because she believes it so strongly, she makes it possible for whoever she works with to believe in themselves.


Thank you Janette. I hope you will have the chance to keep giving through your work. You are incredible."

Barbara Doherty

07702 036735




Jan assisted me in teaching yoga to Special Needs Teenagers at Queens Park School Secondary School in 2008 and has also covered my classes with  Disadvantaged adults at The Daylight Centre,Islington and Special Needs children at Norwood Hendon.


Jan has proved to be a reliable and experienced practitioner with a delightful enthusiastic approach, skilful in her communication and popular with all groups. I have no hesitation in endorsing her work."


Richard Kravetz



Golden Lane

London EC1Y 0RT

020 7454 0454




Manor House

46 London Road



Surrey GU17 0AA   

01276 606760

Jagadamba Yoga

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