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Dear Janet,

I am really very proud of you and your website. For you are searching for and exercising the truest essence of Yoga, rare enough nowadays,and that is service to those who are not often given the opportunity to find their own hidden abilities,or at least have not been shown the best way to do this.Yoga is so important in the Special needs realm, although at the moment the recognition  and funding are not being given. However, you are working through all these difficulties and refusing to give up.It is your status as a mother that has given you this special talent,and i wish you ever more success  especially in making the circumstances favourable for the spread of yoga in the special needs world. Patience and perserverance be yours in abundance!

Love and Peace,


This is my daughter Billie's testimonial. It was a beautiful moment for me when she handed me this paper and said, "This is for you, Mum!!"

This is Lily's testimonial, who I taught since she was 3 years old

I met Janette thanks to her daughter Billie who I used to work for as a carer. I used to suffer with back problems and I felt tired even though I slept enough. I always wanted to do yoga and I was looking for someone who could teach me in person so I would learn the postures properly and get more benefits out of it. Janette came from India where she trained as a yoga teacher. We agreed she will teach me every week. It was 4 years ago and since then I have been exercising sun salutation almost every day. I feel much more energetic, my back problems disappeared and my health has improved.


Hi Jan, 

Thank you for delivering an excellent session last week.  I thought everyone really enjoyed the session and in particular the meditation, chanting and the pair work was a great idea. Thanks again and look forward to seeing/speaking to you. 

Many thanks 



I have just spent quite a lot of time on your website - and I just want to say well done for your work :-)... For your courage, generosity, your authenticity, your depth, your love...x Kalinka


Hi Jan,

Thank you so much for the link to your site which has actually moved me to tears. When I was 4 my parents adopted a baby boy at birth who was diagnosed with hydrocephalus when he was 8 months old. He passed away when he was 4. He taught us so much in his short retrospect it was a difficult time but at the time it was life and it was good...Maybe we can get a group together in Finchley for you to teach?


(Parent of one of my students)

Hi Janette

Very impressed by your work, amazing stuff, amazing life!


Hi Jan, 

I loved the website - I think the comment that you use Makaton is great and this should strike a chord with LD organisations.  Have you thought of contacting BILD (British Institute of Learning Disabilities) to perhaps get some guidance as to how they could be linked to the site? I can't remember if I sent  the website details to our staff so I will if you are OK with that (this is more around info rather than the strategy stuff) and I will also sign post them to the you tube examples because I think these are great.  

Best Wishes 


Disability Trust

Jagadamba Yoga

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