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For Everyone with Needs and additional Needs.


Yoga: to re-unite the individual self with the

absolute or pure consciousness.


Jagadamba Yoga: to reunite a beautiful gift that was

presented without packaging.



Why should it be that we can pick and choose what we want to do, whilst people with any form of "special needs" cannot? How can we change that? How do we educate society into believing that Special People Are Capable Everywhere?


It's a proven fact that Yoga breathing excercise (Pranayama) revitalises the body and helps to control the mind, and that Yoga postures (Asanas) releases physical and mental tension and liberates vast resources of energy. It is also well proven that meditation helps still the mind and offers clarity, concentration and mental power. Relaxation calms the mind and the body and healthy eating rejuvinates our well being.


Why should People with Needs and Special needs be denied these benefits?


This is what Jagadamba Yoga is all about. It is the Yoga that special people can benefit from, the Yoga they can enjoy, the chance they deserve to get a glimpse of the state of inner peace they can achieve. By also using Makaton, which is a language programme that uses signs and symbols, it means that any child/adult with a speech or hearing impairment will be able to join in not only physically, but mentally.  A part of Jagadamba Yoga was created on the basis of this. The rest  was created on the basis of allowing anyone to be a part of Jagadamba Yoga.


If we can control our minds and steady our thoughts, there is no limit to what we can do. It is our own illusions and pre-conceptions that hold us back from fulfilling ourselves. This is true for everyone, and that includes People with Special Needs.


Children and adults with Special Needs are often more capable and open to Yoga than we are, and they should not be under-estimated.


Jagadamba Yoga is used when someone who is not functioning at the academic age of their mainstream peers, otherwise Hatha Yoga is used. For instance, when teaching an adult who is 20 but of the academic age of 8,  would be taught Jagadamba Yoga using Makaton. However, when teaching an adult of the age of 20 plus,who has, for example, Anorexia, Stress, Depression, back problems etc...they would be taught Jagadamba Yoga using a refined and gentle form of Hatha Yoga.


Makaton is used to support the students understanding of instructions e.g yoga poses, breathing, group interaction. Seeing progress of challenging behaviour whilst communicating with them by using Makaton and doing Yoga, is a perfect combination. Why use Makaton? If a child is frustrated but does not know how to express themselves other than by raising their voice, then using Makaton becomes a very powerful tool. The main objective in using Makaton is to encourage participation in interaction and socialisation and increase access to education. Makaton uses speech, sign with symbols, gesture, facial expression, eye contact and body language.


I am here to spread this philosophy, to encourage EVERYONE to reach out for the peace and wellness that Jagadamba Yoga offers.


Remember what Yoga means and interpret it in any way you like. But know that for me, "joining" does not only refer to oneself, but also to "uniting" that same self with the rest of the World.


Janette Brazil teaching Jagadamba Yoga

Jagadamba Yoga

Jagadamba Yoga

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